Dachshunds are an amazing, clean, smart, loyal, loving breed. They love to walk or just play with you! They have pure unconditional love!

Since 1978 we have been working with this breed and have not looked back since. We are starting to incorporate genetic testing into our brood and are excited for the future of our lines. We start our pups on paper training, then in the warm months of the year we move outside. When you purchase one of our pups we will update you with weekly pictures as they grow so you can stay connected through all stages of their life's.

Please contact us for more info and prices. You are welcome to visit our acreage and pick your puppy up, or we offer shipping.

Check out this fun video about the breed.


Parents come from CKC and AKC bloodlines


Puppies come with a Vet check, dewormed, first shots and a health guarantee. We are currently testing our lines though embark genetic testing in hopes to improve their health.


All pups are raised in our home around our children


Our humble

We have a long history with Dachshunds in our family, our families experience with these little ones started well over a century ago but our families roles as breeders was reignited in the 1970's. Even then dachshunds were still an uncommon sight in Alberta.

The farthest back as we can trace our roots with this wonderful little breed is to our Great Great Grandpa Walter who was born in 1879. He is noted in the black and white picture holding one of his litters wearing his forest ranger uniform. He worked most of his life as a forest ranger in Germany and he raised some working dogs of different breeds, but his true love and the only dogs that lived in the house were his dachshunds who he had all his life. We know his families experiences started before but the documented stories are lost to time now.

You will also see a picture of grandma Doris on our Instagram, this picture was taken around 1939-1940 holding one of the family dachshunds. After World War 2 Grandma Doris left her home in Germany and relocated to Canada. Unfortunately the family was not able to bring Dachshunds with them and they took a break while their family tried to make a life as German immigrants to Canada post WW2.

Our family managed to revive the family breed with Doris' daughter (our mom). Back then it was hard to locate a dachshund in local Alberta papers as this was pre-internet. It required her to travel back to Germany to visit the home they left behind and bring back a Dachshund.

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Did you adopt a puppy from us? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience and publish it on our site.

  • Thank you for such an exceptional experience in getting my new puppy! I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and making the process seamless 😊 I am overwhelmed with excitement! Cooper is thriving and we are overjoyed to finally have him with us! I would highly recommend Range Road Dachshunds to anyone who is interested! Thank you for the weekly updates and pictures. May 19th 2021  
    Kindersley, Saskatchewan
  • Reggie joined our family on March 26/20, at the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak. He has brought joy and humour into our lives at a very traumatic time. Now, he is thriving and learning very quickly. Rolling over is his new favourite trick!August 30, 2020
    Calgary, Alberta
  • We got our little Oscar in February 2020 and he has been such a great addition to our family. He’s got the best temperament and gets along so well with our 6 year old pitbull. Oscar has also become best friends with my 3 year old son and is the best snuggle companion! On a side note, we can’t go for a walk without getting compliments from strangers about what a handsome boy he is.September 22, 2020
    Yuliya Ward
    Calgary, Alberta
  • This is Lincoln He is 3-1/2 now, love him to bits He is our second puppy Thank you so much for raising such beautiful little babiesSeptember 22, 2020
    Campbell River, BC
  • Frank has been such a wonderful addition to our home. We love him so much! Such a sweet guy with a big personality - will find any patch of sun to lay in!! Thank you for all of your help! August 8, 2020
    Montreal, QC
  • Fraulein Schnitzel is the best gift we could have received during the roller coaster ride that is 2020. She is always busy and has learnt a lot of commands and tricks since we got her from you at the end of May -she loves to play in the “cat tunnel” we got her and I see a great future for low to the ground agility ????training in her future. You guys were wonderful during the whole experience and anyone who receives a pup from you is getting a well cared for family member. Thanks again - it’s wonderful to have a dog in our lives again (2 grumpy Persian cats are wondering if you could come pick her up ????). Paula & LarryAugust 8, 2020
    Paula & Larry
    High River, Alberta
  • “Miss Lucy” is now 7 years old and we love her so much. She has brought us so much pleasure over the years.....so grateful to have found her ???? We still talk about picking her up at the airport in Montreal at 2:30 a.m. .... she was so happy when she arrived and has ruled our household ever since ???? Aug 8, 2020
    Laurie Shusterman
    Ottawa, ON
  • We got our little bundle of joy Hershey in Mach 2020 and it has been the center of our life. Our little guy is playful, has great behavior and is just so cute. While the pandemic was rolling out, we always had great service and Hershey was sent to us with great professionalism and care for the pup. Thank you and like the other testimonies we are just loving our little one! Cheers all!Breeder testimonialJune 11,2020
    Martin Mulligan
    Gatineau, QC
  • We brought our little Perseus home last November and ever since, each day is filled with so much love and energy! Perseus has quite a personality and is such a character! It’s never boring when he’s around! We can’t wait to bring home a brother or sister for him one day!Breeder testimonialApril 21, 2020
    Calgary, Alberta
  • I was blessed to have Marta in my life for almost 13 years. She was one in a million! Miss her terribly! She had a zest for life and was fantastic with my grandchildren! Breeder testimonialJanuary 18, 2020
    Bowden, Alberta
  • It’s funny how a person can fall in love with a picture. That’s what happen to us. In 2005 we took our male dachshund Donni for a visit, we were looking for a little girl to keep Donni company. He was presented with three little girls and would not leave Carmella alone. They bonded right away. Home she came and has showered all of us with love and comfort ever since.Breeder testimonial December 15, 2019
    Carol Walsh
    Cochrane, Alberta
  • 14 1/2 years ago I met Molly the day she was born. For the next 8 weeks I got to visit her each week until she was ready to come home to us. She was our 4th dachshund from them. Molly was the smartest and gentlest dachshund we’ve had. Will miss her terribly for a long time. We do plan to get another in the new year.Breeder testimonialNovember 10, 2019
    Linda Lutz
    Vegreville , Alberta
  • I visited Charlie at the acreage when he was 3 weeks old and he fit inside the palm of my hand. They were great about sending me weekly photo updates until Charlie was ready to come home. Charlie is almost 3 months old now and we love him to pieces! I could not have asked for a better pup! Breeder testimonialNovember 4, 2020
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Its been 2 years since we brought home our precious Gemma. We fell in love with her the moment we saw her picture. We had a large dog already, but my autistic son wanted a small dog. What a great choice we made! Gemma is a very affectionate, smart and loving dog. She's such a silly girl. She loves bare feet. When she see's socks coming off, she gets super excited. She's always making us laugh and smile. She even comforts us when we're sad--kissing away our tears. She liked to play with our weimaraner, but he passed away recently. Gemma's been missing him greatly. We're going to add another doxie to our family next summer. We can hardly wait! A big thank you for making it an easy process. We received picture updates until getting our pup. An all around great experience!Breeder testimonialOctober 5, 2019
    Barb Butler
    Castlegar, BC
  • Yet another puppy has joined our family. This makes it #12. Yogi, a long haired, English Cream/Black arrived in July. He has fit right in with the other 6, but particularly with Chloe, who is just 1 1/2 years. The two of them run, play, wrestle and rough house from the time they get out, until bed time. Yogi is stunning, his coat so thick and shiny. His paws are huge, his bark and howl quite impressive. His disposition is amazing, just a very loving and friendly little guy. Of course we love him to bits, but he is a Daddy’s boy! Breeder testimonialSeptember 27, 2020
    Susan McDonald
    Richibouctou Village, NB
  • The idea of getting a puppy came at an unexpected time, I was stressed and busy at work and one day I decided to go watch videos of puppies online and I came across rangeroaddachshunds@gmail.com. Getting a dog wasn’t even on my mind until I saw picture of the cutest spotted puppy ever. I couldn’t stop thinking about how he’s waiting to go to someone that could give him a loving home. The very next day I called and decided to get that puppy. I fell in love with him within seconds of picking him up from the airport. ?? They were the best people to deal with, they understood that as first time pet owners, we would have so many questions. 2 weeks prior to picking up our new angel, they were always available to answer any questions we had. We are very happy that our first experience of getting a puppy was a smooth and easy process. It's all thanks them, their love for this breed is indescribable and I’m very happy that we got the sweetest little puppy into our lives. We have named our new baby “Mylo Xtra” Todays is Mylo’s first birthday and he literally the boss of the house and obviously owns us. He is a clingy, snuggly angel with alot of personality but we love every second of it. So thank you from us and especially Mylo.Breeder testimonialAugust 28th, 2019
    Mohamed Ibrahim
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Luna is the love of my life! This clingy little snuggle creature has so much personality. They breed and raise very very special dachshunds. Always very helpful and provided details on her pedigree. She is the perfect little authentic weiner schnitzel. She's very silly yet very wise. Deep deep eyes with so much heart. Very smooth process. Thank you!! Breeder testimonialMarch 10th, 2019
    Vanvouver, British Columbia
  • Our little Luna is now almost 8 months old. She is absolutely the sweetest little thing! She has so much love to give to our family and we just can't get over how smart and funny she is! Our experience having her shipped to Montreal was such a smooth and easy one. We highly recommend this breeder! Breeder testimonialFebruary 9th, 2019
    Monteal, Quebec
  • We got a dear puppy, Olive, and she is a gem. We love her disposition. She is a very pretty girl, plus extremely happy, healthy, super fun and keen to learn. Olive is an amazing addition to our family of two young boys. Olive has adapted so well to our family! Breeder testimonialJanuary 8th, 2019
    Calgary, Alberta
  • I bought a puppy and he just arrived yesterday. We love him so much, he had a long journey to come home but he is happy and making himself at home already. They were wonderful throughout the whole process. I like how updates are sent with new pictures every once in a while. I will definitely recommend buying from this breeder.Breeder testimonialDecember 18th, 2018
    Windsor, Ontario
  • Lily was born August 2 and caught a puppy flight to Prince George in October. She was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand. We became inseparable immediately. Lily had perfect conformation as far as I could tell; she enjoyed a long healthy life and weighed a mere 8.2 pounds. Sadly, Lily died in my arms on May 10th, 2018 less than 3 month before her 16th birthday.  November 28th, 2018
    Daryl Critchlow
    Francois Lake, BC
  • Susie and Pilot are thriving and are BFFs! November 21st, 2018
    Kiki and Zeb
    Vancouver, BC
  • We got our first mini-daschund, Tucker, in 2009, but he died when he was 2 1/2 from being hit by a car. Horrible doesn't even begin to describe it. He was honestly the best and my heart is still broken. He had the most hilarious and sweetest personality. We decided we were ready to get another one and knew that it had to be from the same place because of how great Tucker was, so, in October we connected again and got Finn! She has always been so wonderful to deal with. She genuinely wants the best for the puppies which is ultimately to get them into loving homes! I loved all the photos she sent of our little guy, how she helped arrange transportation for him to get to us in Ontario and updated me along the way, and how his food/toy/papers were all attached to the crate and everything went so smooth! Already, Finn seems to resemble Tucker and we couldn't be happier with our sweet, quirky, handsome little fella. If we ever decide to add another mini-dachshund to our family we will gladly go back, and whenever people meet Finn and fall in love with him (which is always), I happily tell them where we got him! November 21st, 2018
    Beaverton, Ontario
  • They were nothing but amazing from the start. After emailing an inquiry, she called me within 15 minutes to answer all my questions. It was lovely having that personal touch from the get go. After selecting our puppy from the available litter, They emailed us regular photos, and let us know about pick-up dates, travel options, vaccinations and anything else we may need. I opted to meet at her property and collect our little girl in person, again appreciating the personal welcome I received. Since then, Lemmy has become the light of our lives. She has no health issues, is incredibly smart, easy to train, very loving, extremely sociable and has so much personality. She is adorable, and we love her immensely. They continue to show an interest in our girl, and we're grateful for everything she has done for us. October 14th, 2018
    Craig Gilbert
    Vancouver, BC
  • We contacted them about a little female chocolate dachshund, and she mentioned she had a little male chocolate tan piebald who was ready for his forever home. Although I was wanting a little girl, the minute we met our Monty our lives improved for the better. He has been an absolute delight, so amusing and best of all, so very easy to potty train. He has the absolutely best personality and is a very welcome addition to our family, (one cat would disagree). I can't not recommend this family for their absolutely wonderful and beautiful puppies. Thank you so much August 7th, 2018
    Tracy Ross
    Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Thanks for our new addition to our home, Mylo. Mylo has been a real joy - healthy and with a great personality - our vet commented how well adjusted the little guy was. He has adapted so well and is even puppy pad trained at 8 weeks - amazing! Communication has been top notch with quick replies and regular updates/photos. We were a little worried about shipping our little guy to Toronto but everything was smooth. Thanks again - I highly recommend them for your next puppy. July 23rd, 2018
    James R
    Toronto, ON
  • "Molli (the Cream Dapple) is coming up on 3 years in October, delicate eater so proper and polite and but it's a struggle to brush her teeth! Marty (our grey Isabella ) that is Finn's offspring; he will be 7 months right away. Such a loving boy, and a character........he has stolen my parents hearts. These 2 are good friends now but Molli hated him for the first couple of months. They love being walked and are good swimmers. Such incredible little members of the family. Can't imagine life without them.Breeder testimonialJune 24th, 2018
    Erin Joe Ann Evelyn
    Calgary , Alberta